Monday, April 2, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #65- Sprite Delight- Using "Coffee Sprite"

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Hey Everyone!!! This years Sprite Delight Challenge project won't be as epic as last year... so sorry about that! LOL We have been so insanely busy!! I started working 4 days a week back in the fall, 2 of which are lunch shift (1130-230) and you wouldn't think those would totally be your whole day but they really are!! By the time I get the big one off to school, the little one fed and dressed, maybe a load of laundry done, its time to take the little to a Grandma for the afternoon. Go to work, pick the little back up, boogie back home to get the big one from the school bus and its 4pm already!! By the time I feed them, bath them and put them to bed its 8pm and I AM EXHAUSTED!!! I thought by now I would have adjusted and that my 3 days a week off would be able to be spent doing the crafty things but sadly no!! I keep thinking after this happens or that happens it will calm down.... I'm still waiting!!! LOL And now we are getting into planting both the fields and the garden and camping season followed by harvest and then the little one goes off to kindergarten!! Whew!! It feels like graduation is right around the corner!! LOL Anyone out there have any time saving tips to help this mama earn some more crafty time??? 
I did sneak some crafty time when hubby and I ran away to Canmore, AB about a month ago. I managed to color this image in 1 sitting!!!! 1 sitting ya'll!!! I don't remember the last time I was able to do that!! And neither do the 3 unfinished images sitting with my markers!! LOL
I turned "Coffee Sprite" into an adorable little bookmark. I've amassed a small collection now waiting for me to have time to do some more craft sales (BAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH) or for the Christmas rush I guess. One way or the other these little bookmarks have been a great way for me to sneak moments of coloring in and not get rusty with my markers!! (Or have I?) 

My handy Cricut Explore made the back for me. My mom says I should add "and Baileys" to the bottom lol 

I'm really happy with how this little cutie turned out!!! It was such a pleasure to get to color!! Maybe next time I will do a pattern on the cup!! A little challenge for anyone out there... ey? Any takers??

Next month I have a big 3D project planned for you guys!! Its been so long since I had time to do anything big and fun like that!! We are done skating for the year and soccer doesn't start until May so maybe just maybe that extra couple hours a week in April will give me time!! 

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  1. My, you do have a full day, don't you, Sara! Reading your post reminded me of the time when it very much felt like I was running around for other people and not getting much of anything done, so I know what you mean about how hard it is to squeeze some coloring time in somewhere. I love this bookmark with the cute sentiment on the back. I'm a total bookworm of the old-fashioned variety (No Kindle for this kid!), so I can appreciate the 'books and coffee' on the back. The Coffee Sprite is already a tiny Sprite because of the cup, so it must have been so tricky to color! Amazing work!! Thank you so much for this precious inspiration for the mid-challenge post for Sprite Delight V challenge at AWCB today! Mitzi xxx

  2. Well, my dear, I'm exhausted just by reading your post. LOL Isn't it amazing how time flies (whether you're having fun or not, eh?) Still trying to get over how you managed such lovely coloring on this teeny image. Loving your book marks and the great sentiments on the back. I had a little time to actually do some reading on our trip and definitely could have used one. Fabulous work! xxD

  3. Such a sweet plaque featuring this little cutie. I love it.

  4. Amazing bookmark. How on earth did you manage to color that small with that great depth.... I'm in ave... Hugz