Monday, June 4, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #67- Joyous Occasion using Unicorn Sprite

Hey you guys!! I am so sorry for getting this up so late!! Like the post went live an hour ago and I'm just writing this now.. Super super sorry Mitzi and Donna!!!!

I am so ready for summer vacation!!! And I am super glad May is over!! See I started it like a rock star!! I had this project done over a month ago. I was thrilled and on the ball!!! And then we started planting the fields, and then my truck broke down and spent 3 weeks in the shop with me fielding daily phone calls about what to with it, looking at new vehicles if we decided to replace it, test driving new vehicles, ugh, it was a lot of work. I picked up a week of day shifts at my "real" job and mom'd all evening. And then to put the icing on the cake, I ACCIDENTALLY hit our 6 month old Bernese Mountain Dog with our 1 ton Dodge last week. She's ok as long as her broken jaw heals, thank god!! I got sooooo lucky!!!! But she now needs constant attention to make sure she doesn't undo all the vets hard work to fix her jaw. So here I sit at 730am writing this up late again. LOL 

But it's a fun project and I super love it!!!  And I really hope it will give you some ideas of some more fun things you can do with digi stamps that's not just coloring. I love Mitzi's images and I wanna see them everywhere!!! So today we are going to show you Unicorn Sprite on a tshirt!!
TADA!!! I used inkscape to turn the Unicorn Sprite jpeg/png into an svg cutting file. Then I took it into my Cricut Design Space and did some different hiding and contouring to create the different colors for the body and hair, etc. It was a lot of work but soooo worth it I think!!

I added the little saying to the side for my daughters friends 7th birthday gift. She truely is a one of a kind kid that's super sweet and so magical!!! And I loved how it played with the little girl dressed like a unicorn on her shirt too!!

I used heat transfer vinyl to add all the different colors. And looking at it now there are a few things I would do a little differently, like maybe have some brown hair in there to show the little girls hair. Wouldn't that be fun?

This was just such a fun project to do!! Would you like to see some more ideas like this in the future? I'm tempted to do another one this month.... hmmm...

For now, I have to go get the puppy hand fed raw food (GROSS) and the littlest some breakfast since shes's now patiently curled up on my lap. And then we have to go get all our squirrels out of the rave and into a row for the new vehicle we pick up tomorrow so I can run off to work tonight. I love my crazy life!! LOL 

If you would like to work with unicorn sprite you can find her on ETSY and AURORAWINGS.COM!! And make sure you pop by the blog to check out all the other amazing projects from our stellar design team!!!