Monday, August 20, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #70- Sketch using Fins and Pearls

 OMG you guys!! Its been another few weeks!! Right before the last post went live the girls and I went up to see my Dad 4.5hrs away.... and we took out a deer with the front grill of that new vehicle we just spent forever looking for remember? And then as I'm on the phone figuring out what to do this lovely man stopped to make sure we were ok... but forget to set the air break on his gravel truck and it rolled into the back of my new vehicle. We were in the middle of NO WHERE!! Too the girls and I like 6hrs to get everything figured and a rental and get back on the road. So... we've been dealing with that the last 2 weeks driving a rental mini van (I am NOT a mini van person!!!) I have to tell you guys the only solace my soul has been getting this year has been the few hours a month I steal!! I really hope the fall and winter bring this house some good luck!!! 
I have to tell you though how good it felt to sit down for a few hours and just let me mind worry about color combos and straight lines!! It was a complete treat!!! So without further details of my life lol here is this weeks project!!
Isn't it just a sweet sketch? I love working with square cards and bonus when you add another shape! I got to work with the adorable "Fins and Pearls" for this project and here's what I came up with:

I adored working with this image this morning!! It took me around 4 hours to color her up but I think it was totally worth every minute!! (Even if just for my sanity!!)

I love how Mitzi gets so many different layers in there for us!! Making all those intricate pieces pop and stand out as their own image brings me so much joy!! Just look at all the different pieces of coral and shells she drew in there for us to play with!! 

If you would like to color this image up for yourself you can find it:
and then pop by the CHALLENGE BLOG and show us what you made with this awesome sketch and image!!

Thanks for popping in again!! I'll see you all next month as the Pyper Family Drama of 2018 continues to unfold!! LOL Have a great month!!!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #69- Anything Goes using Lady Butterfly

Well Happy Monday Ya'll!!! We have been having quite the summer around here!! I cannot believe in 3 short weeks I will be sending the big one off to grade 2 and the little one off to kindergarten! How did that happen?? And the worst part is nothing happened here this summer!! LOL I mean a lot happened but I had big plans to do soooo much cleaning and beach going and put sooo much baking in the freezer so I wouldn't have to worry about it for a few months... LOL You know what did happen? Work and camping. Quite literally that is what we have done around here LOL I work 4 days a week and every other weekend when Hubby is home we take off camping for 4/5 days and then I play catch up until we do it again. 
But all that delightful sitting in the woods enjoying beautiful views left some time to do some coloring between hikes and bike rides and smore making lol (Mitzi!!! We need a smore sprite!!! or is there one and I missed it?) I got to work with the beautiful Lady Butterfly for this project. I really like making this beautiful images speak for themselves so I went sweet and simple for this project. I colored her in 5x7 and then her body a second time to do the top layer. That was tricky to make sure I got the colors right in all the right spots so they would match up!! I love the way it turned out!
 Look at all the lovely layers drawn in there for us to play with!!! This Lady really is a beauty!!!

I would love to see someone color her like a monarch butterfly!! Anyone up for the challenge? Maybe I will attempt it one day!! 

For now I best be getting off! I'm writing this a few days early and we are leaving in 8 short hours to head up to visit my Dad and Step Mom for 4 days. Its a 4.5hr drive so I best get my butt to bed!

You can find this stunning image here:

Thanks so much for popping by again!! See you all again in a few weeks!!!