Monday, November 19, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #73: Holiday Spirit using Candy Cane Sprite

Here we are at the end of November!!! How did that happen?? This last year has just flown by and I have no idea how!!! I'm looking forward to January when things might slow down a bit.. but I'm really not holding my breathe LOL once this Christmas season is over we will be into Europe prep time as hubby and I are going next summer for our 10th anniversary and I feel like getting passports and booking thing is going to take more time than I think it should. And with that in mind I have respectfully stepped down from the Aurora Wings design team. I love working with these images but the hectic life we live isn't leaving me the time to dedicate to it that I would like and that the rest of the design team deserves.
And so for my last design team project I worked with 'Candy Cane Sprite' and this is what I made:
Isn't she sweet!!! I love how this turned out!! I have 5 other sprites converted into cutting files and ready to go but sadly I never got them cut and on to ornaments like I had hoped. But she is as sweet as can be and I do look forward to having time to color her one day!!

If you want to grab her you can find her here:

Thanks for popping in again! Until next time...

PS I want to thank Mitzi and Donna for having me and for being so patient with me the last year!! You ladies are amazing!!!! I've had so much fun!!!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #72- Once upon a Dream or Nightmare using Dragon Sprite

Image may contain: cloud, sky, text, outdoor and nature
Good Morning All!! Here we are once again with my crazy life update! LOL I swear I start my projects as soon as one challenge ends and then life happens like my new vehicle getting a flat and being parked for a week waiting for a chance to get into the tire shop for new ones. But winter came soooo early in Alberta this year everyone is getting thier winter tires on. Thank God we kept my old escape as beater so I've had something to drive. And don't forget us crazy Canucks celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend so that was a wonderful few days of family and food.

So I snuck a few hours in a finished coloring this cutie this weekend. My daughters had a friend out for the weekend and all 3 of them squealed at this adorable little dragon sprite!!! For those of you that don't know we have a 7yr old Unicorn loving girl and a 5yr old Dragon loving girl in this house!! I feel like Mitzi made these images just for us!!!

We dream dragons in this house so I wanted to give him a dream like space... I tried for a milky way across the sky but I'm not sure I managed it. I think I ended up more with a Dragon freezing in the arctic with the northern lights than space and a cloud lol. Either way I adore this sweet image and I cannot wait to color him again!!!

If you would like to color this cute Dragon Sprite up you can find him here:

And when you're done scooping him up go check out what all the other incredible designers have been up to!!!

Thanks for popping in again!! See you next time!!!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #71- Inspired by Music using Reindeer Sprite

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Hello everyone!! I would love to tell you we have had another crazy month here... and while we have, this month was just crazy with life. Finally nothing overly stressful went down and we are getting back to business as usual around here. I sent the girls off the school last week.. The big one into grade 2 and the little into Kindergarten!! And while I picked up an extra day at the restaurant it's still pretty quite here a couple mornings a week... I'm not sure what to do with myself!! LOL
So I took one of those mornings and colored up this little darling!!!
Isn't he just so sweet?? I absolutely adored working with this little Reindeer Sprite to create my card inspired by 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"!! The season is coming!! Faster than I'd like to admit!! Even as the snow falls outside my window this morning I can't believe Christmas is coming so soon!!!

If you want to work with this little cutie you can find him here:
And don't forget to pop by the Challenge Blog and see what everyone else has been up to!!

Have a fabulous few weeks my friends!! And I will see you soon!!!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #70- Sketch using Fins and Pearls

 OMG you guys!! Its been another few weeks!! Right before the last post went live the girls and I went up to see my Dad 4.5hrs away.... and we took out a deer with the front grill of that new vehicle we just spent forever looking for remember? And then as I'm on the phone figuring out what to do this lovely man stopped to make sure we were ok... but forget to set the air break on his gravel truck and it rolled into the back of my new vehicle. We were in the middle of NO WHERE!! Too the girls and I like 6hrs to get everything figured and a rental and get back on the road. So... we've been dealing with that the last 2 weeks driving a rental mini van (I am NOT a mini van person!!!) I have to tell you guys the only solace my soul has been getting this year has been the few hours a month I steal!! I really hope the fall and winter bring this house some good luck!!! 
I have to tell you though how good it felt to sit down for a few hours and just let me mind worry about color combos and straight lines!! It was a complete treat!!! So without further details of my life lol here is this weeks project!!
Isn't it just a sweet sketch? I love working with square cards and bonus when you add another shape! I got to work with the adorable "Fins and Pearls" for this project and here's what I came up with:

I adored working with this image this morning!! It took me around 4 hours to color her up but I think it was totally worth every minute!! (Even if just for my sanity!!)

I love how Mitzi gets so many different layers in there for us!! Making all those intricate pieces pop and stand out as their own image brings me so much joy!! Just look at all the different pieces of coral and shells she drew in there for us to play with!! 

If you would like to color this image up for yourself you can find it:
and then pop by the CHALLENGE BLOG and show us what you made with this awesome sketch and image!!

Thanks for popping in again!! I'll see you all next month as the Pyper Family Drama of 2018 continues to unfold!! LOL Have a great month!!!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #69- Anything Goes using Lady Butterfly

Well Happy Monday Ya'll!!! We have been having quite the summer around here!! I cannot believe in 3 short weeks I will be sending the big one off to grade 2 and the little one off to kindergarten! How did that happen?? And the worst part is nothing happened here this summer!! LOL I mean a lot happened but I had big plans to do soooo much cleaning and beach going and put sooo much baking in the freezer so I wouldn't have to worry about it for a few months... LOL You know what did happen? Work and camping. Quite literally that is what we have done around here LOL I work 4 days a week and every other weekend when Hubby is home we take off camping for 4/5 days and then I play catch up until we do it again. 
But all that delightful sitting in the woods enjoying beautiful views left some time to do some coloring between hikes and bike rides and smore making lol (Mitzi!!! We need a smore sprite!!! or is there one and I missed it?) I got to work with the beautiful Lady Butterfly for this project. I really like making this beautiful images speak for themselves so I went sweet and simple for this project. I colored her in 5x7 and then her body a second time to do the top layer. That was tricky to make sure I got the colors right in all the right spots so they would match up!! I love the way it turned out!
 Look at all the lovely layers drawn in there for us to play with!!! This Lady really is a beauty!!!

I would love to see someone color her like a monarch butterfly!! Anyone up for the challenge? Maybe I will attempt it one day!! 

For now I best be getting off! I'm writing this a few days early and we are leaving in 8 short hours to head up to visit my Dad and Step Mom for 4 days. Its a 4.5hr drive so I best get my butt to bed!

You can find this stunning image here:

Thanks so much for popping by again!! See you all again in a few weeks!!!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #68- Once Upon a Time Using Marisol, Whisper of the Sea and Starfish Mermaid

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 This month our challenge is Once Upon a Time over at the Aurora Wings Challenge Blog. I decided to do a Little Mermaid inspired card for you. I worked with Marisol, Whisper of the Sea and Starfish Mermaid (was a special digi for a fundraiser and is no longer available.) Marisol is an adorable mermaid and I'm so glad Mitzi decided to keep working with her!!!

Anyone have any little mermaid lovers out there? Because I think this would be a total win!! It's so adorable!! Look at all those little mermaids!! HEHE

Starfish Mermaid

I really think this is such a sweet combo of mermaids!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I have to run I'm supposed to be loading the trailer up and getting ready to go camping this weekend!! Have a great on you guys!!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #67- Joyous Occasion using Unicorn Sprite

Hey you guys!! I am so sorry for getting this up so late!! Like the post went live an hour ago and I'm just writing this now.. Super super sorry Mitzi and Donna!!!!

I am so ready for summer vacation!!! And I am super glad May is over!! See I started it like a rock star!! I had this project done over a month ago. I was thrilled and on the ball!!! And then we started planting the fields, and then my truck broke down and spent 3 weeks in the shop with me fielding daily phone calls about what to with it, looking at new vehicles if we decided to replace it, test driving new vehicles, ugh, it was a lot of work. I picked up a week of day shifts at my "real" job and mom'd all evening. And then to put the icing on the cake, I ACCIDENTALLY hit our 6 month old Bernese Mountain Dog with our 1 ton Dodge last week. She's ok as long as her broken jaw heals, thank god!! I got sooooo lucky!!!! But she now needs constant attention to make sure she doesn't undo all the vets hard work to fix her jaw. So here I sit at 730am writing this up late again. LOL 

But it's a fun project and I super love it!!!  And I really hope it will give you some ideas of some more fun things you can do with digi stamps that's not just coloring. I love Mitzi's images and I wanna see them everywhere!!! So today we are going to show you Unicorn Sprite on a tshirt!!
TADA!!! I used inkscape to turn the Unicorn Sprite jpeg/png into an svg cutting file. Then I took it into my Cricut Design Space and did some different hiding and contouring to create the different colors for the body and hair, etc. It was a lot of work but soooo worth it I think!!

I added the little saying to the side for my daughters friends 7th birthday gift. She truely is a one of a kind kid that's super sweet and so magical!!! And I loved how it played with the little girl dressed like a unicorn on her shirt too!!

I used heat transfer vinyl to add all the different colors. And looking at it now there are a few things I would do a little differently, like maybe have some brown hair in there to show the little girls hair. Wouldn't that be fun?

This was just such a fun project to do!! Would you like to see some more ideas like this in the future? I'm tempted to do another one this month.... hmmm...

For now, I have to go get the puppy hand fed raw food (GROSS) and the littlest some breakfast since shes's now patiently curled up on my lap. And then we have to go get all our squirrels out of the rave and into a row for the new vehicle we pick up tomorrow so I can run off to work tonight. I love my crazy life!! LOL 

If you would like to work with unicorn sprite you can find her on ETSY and AURORAWINGS.COM!! And make sure you pop by the blog to check out all the other amazing projects from our stellar design team!!!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Aurora Challenge #66- Black & White with or without a splash of color using Peacock Queen 2

Hey you guys!! I am so excited to show you what I made this month!! Please forgive me if you find a thousand spelling and grammatical errors this post though!! My laptop died the other night. Out of no where shut itself off and called it a day. Luckily my brother was able to retrieve all my files off of it and transfer them onto my new desktop!!! But this new keyboard is TINY and finicky soooo that's gonna take some getting used to and I feel like the buttons are in different places!?! Did that change in the last 9 years I have had the same laptop?
Anywhooooo... I got to work with the stunning Peacock Queen 2 digi that was just released last month. And its amazing!!!! I am so in love!! Check it out!!!
Isn't it stunning?!?!?! I really wanted to highlight the peacock parts when I colored it so I decided to do those as my pop of color!! I am so thrilled with how this turned out!! want to see the rest of the project? Cuz I swear it is more than just a pretty coloring this time!! I promised you guys a wicked 3D project this month and I think I came through!!!
This my friends is a clock!! I took this stunning Peacock Queen 2 and turned her into a clock face. Dreaming Tree released these clock svg's a few months ago and I knew I wanted to make one but I wasn't into all the gears this one is designed with in their files, so I modified it! That is what I am so loving about crafting with digital products!!! I can mix projects and mediums together to create something totally unique!!
I looked very hard for silver clock hands but without ordering online it wasn't going to happen so gold it is!! I think they help to pop out the gold in the peacock feathers?
I love how this turned out from every angle!
This was such a fun challenge to be a part of!! Black and White is always a bit of a challenge for any crafter/ colorist as it pushes us to work hard and creating all those different levels within our projects. Thank you Mitzi for pushing us once again!!

If you would like to have this stunning image in your collection you can grab it on Etsy HERE or HERE.

Thanks for popping by again this month!! Its always so nice to have you all around!!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #65- Sprite Delight- Using "Coffee Sprite"

Image may contain: drawing and text

Hey Everyone!!! This years Sprite Delight Challenge project won't be as epic as last year... so sorry about that! LOL We have been so insanely busy!! I started working 4 days a week back in the fall, 2 of which are lunch shift (1130-230) and you wouldn't think those would totally be your whole day but they really are!! By the time I get the big one off to school, the little one fed and dressed, maybe a load of laundry done, its time to take the little to a Grandma for the afternoon. Go to work, pick the little back up, boogie back home to get the big one from the school bus and its 4pm already!! By the time I feed them, bath them and put them to bed its 8pm and I AM EXHAUSTED!!! I thought by now I would have adjusted and that my 3 days a week off would be able to be spent doing the crafty things but sadly no!! I keep thinking after this happens or that happens it will calm down.... I'm still waiting!!! LOL And now we are getting into planting both the fields and the garden and camping season followed by harvest and then the little one goes off to kindergarten!! Whew!! It feels like graduation is right around the corner!! LOL Anyone out there have any time saving tips to help this mama earn some more crafty time??? 
I did sneak some crafty time when hubby and I ran away to Canmore, AB about a month ago. I managed to color this image in 1 sitting!!!! 1 sitting ya'll!!! I don't remember the last time I was able to do that!! And neither do the 3 unfinished images sitting with my markers!! LOL
I turned "Coffee Sprite" into an adorable little bookmark. I've amassed a small collection now waiting for me to have time to do some more craft sales (BAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH) or for the Christmas rush I guess. One way or the other these little bookmarks have been a great way for me to sneak moments of coloring in and not get rusty with my markers!! (Or have I?) 

My handy Cricut Explore made the back for me. My mom says I should add "and Baileys" to the bottom lol 

I'm really happy with how this little cutie turned out!!! It was such a pleasure to get to color!! Maybe next time I will do a pattern on the cup!! A little challenge for anyone out there... ey? Any takers??

Next month I have a big 3D project planned for you guys!! Its been so long since I had time to do anything big and fun like that!! We are done skating for the year and soccer doesn't start until May so maybe just maybe that extra couple hours a week in April will give me time!! 

For now if you want to find out what the rest of the design team has been up to for you CLICK HERE!
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Monday, March 5, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #64: BINGO using Aurora Wings- Dragon Babies

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Hey You guys!!! This month we are playing BINGO!!!!!!! This is always a fun challenge to inspire you to try something different, mix some different elements together and play with your supplies!!
Here's your bingo board:
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For me I used: Glitter, Die Cuts and Layers

I have been having so much fun working on bookmarks, I hope you don't mind seeing more bookmarks from me cuz they are just a fun new way to use my images!! I have something else coming for you in a couple months that's going to be soooo fun!! 

This month I played with Dragon Babies available on Etsy and
I really had so much fun coloring these up to represent me and the girls. I'll explain why in a few!! It was just a sweet little image to color and I have a feeling my youngest is going to steal with bookmark before I ever have a chance to sell it LOL

Here's the back:
I love the added touch of the soft gold glitter paper! I was just going to add some Wink of Stella to the dragon eggs for my glitter but I love how this turned out!!!

Now for a bonus! I used this image on my new business cards!! 
That's why I colored them in our colors. The teal is my favorite color right now, the pink the bigs and the purple the littles. Turned out super cute I think!!

Now I'm off to go get ahead on my projects ;) and I will see you all next time!! Have fun with this challenge!! It really is so much fun!! Thanks for popping by!!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #63- Anything Goes using "Dragon Lore"

Welcome back!!! How was the holiday season for everyone? We have been crazy busy around here!! But finally settling down back into a routine!! This month our challenge for Aurora Wings is "Anything Goes" so I made this lovely dragon book mark to share with you using "Dragon Lore"
Isn't she stunning!! I have always loved this image so I was super excited to work with it this month!! I would love one day to color her larger than 3.75" x 2.5" though!!!
I added a lovely little rub on down in the corner when I matted it. I think it adds a delightful authentic touch!
Here's the back for you!! I am totally loving this quote!! It might go on my list of favorites!! I also added some nice oriental flower border rub ons to the back to keep the feel going.
The I slipped it in the bookmark sleeve and picked out a tassel to match!
Such a fun project!!

Now if you love this image you can find it here:

And make sure you check out everyone elses projects on the Aurora Wings blogs!! They are so beautiful!!!

Thanks for popping by and have a fabulous month!!!