Monday, November 19, 2018

Aurora Wings Challenge #73: Holiday Spirit using Candy Cane Sprite

Here we are at the end of November!!! How did that happen?? This last year has just flown by and I have no idea how!!! I'm looking forward to January when things might slow down a bit.. but I'm really not holding my breathe LOL once this Christmas season is over we will be into Europe prep time as hubby and I are going next summer for our 10th anniversary and I feel like getting passports and booking thing is going to take more time than I think it should. And with that in mind I have respectfully stepped down from the Aurora Wings design team. I love working with these images but the hectic life we live isn't leaving me the time to dedicate to it that I would like and that the rest of the design team deserves.
And so for my last design team project I worked with 'Candy Cane Sprite' and this is what I made:
Isn't she sweet!!! I love how this turned out!! I have 5 other sprites converted into cutting files and ready to go but sadly I never got them cut and on to ornaments like I had hoped. But she is as sweet as can be and I do look forward to having time to color her one day!!

If you want to grab her you can find her here:

Thanks for popping in again! Until next time...

PS I want to thank Mitzi and Donna for having me and for being so patient with me the last year!! You ladies are amazing!!!! I've had so much fun!!!