Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Faery Ink- Workshop Wednesday #13 Playing with Copics- Creating a Mist

Good Morning Everyone!! This weeks Workshop Wednesday is live over on the Faery Ink blog. This is our last week Playing with Copics so come on over and see what we are up to!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cupcake Birthday card using Flowers, Feathers and Fairies

Good Morning everyone!! Welcome to Flowers, Feathers and Fairies 1st Birthday Blog Hop!!! I fell in love with these images as soon as Sabrina started posting them and I am so thrilled now to be on her first design team and helping her build her brand!!! To celebrate Flowers, Feathers and Fairies 1st Birthday we have a freebie for you!!! This is the adorable "Eliza's Birthday"!!! She will be available for free for a limited time to help us celebrate!!
 To grab this sweet FREEBIE pop over to the Kit and Clowder Facebook group!! Alyce and the rest of the group are helping us celebrate Flowers, Feathers and Fairies 1st Birthday with a coloring contest using this "Eliza's Birthday" digital stamp!!

Then make sure you hop along the blog hop to have the chance to win some prizes!! Make sure you give the girls lots and lots of love as you go!!!
Start here--> Sabrina (The artist!!!)
Sara (you are here)

Now do you wanna see what I did with this awesome image? I turned it into a pop up card!!
I used a dollar store cupcake cardstock and a beautiful turquoise from CTMH and just a splash of pink from CTMH to pull all the colors together. And have I told you lately how much I love my cricut? I used it to cut the sentiment tag and to write the sentiment on it!

Then for the inside I used the CTMH Artfully sent cricut cartridge to create the pop up cupcake inside!! I used all the same papers and just a touch on Wink of Stella to pop the celebrate out although I know it doesn't show in the picture,

Now where to find all this fun stuff:
The Flowers, Feathers and Fairies Birthday Blog Post (Where you will find all the original details of the goings on for the party!!)-
The Flowers, Feathers and Fairies Etsy store (Where you will find the original Eliza- the first digi ever released!!)-
The Flowers, Feathers and Fairies Facebook group (Where there might just be some other fun things happening this week for the birthday!!)-
The Kit and Clowder Facebook Group (Where you will find a link to the FREEBIE image as well as a coloring contest to go with it!)-

I really am so excited to see everyone play along with this new image to celebrate this amazing artists 1st year in the digital stamp world! Please come play along with us!! We hope to see you there!!!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Easter Wishes Card using Aurora Wings

Aurora Wings Showcase Blog

Hey Everyone!! Mitzi from Aurora Wings put a shout out for a little help with this weeks showcase blog so I get to help introduce you all to this adorable "Spring Sprite"! She was such a little darling to color up!! Aren't those little ears just the cutest thing ever?!
Image may contain: drawing
So sweet ey?! I am hoping that we get to see some of those flowers and butterflies outside our windows really soon!! I am ready for some color and some warmth!!!

I colored this little cutie and turned her into an Easter Card for one of my little ones... and if they get their bums in gear you will get to see their versions of this image too! I printed them off onto 5x7 cards for them to color along with me but they are taking their time! LOL
So for now I will get show you mine:
I used my Tim Holtz distress inks to create each of the papers-- easter paper is not really something I keep kicking around ya know? But I think this worked out perfectly!! Nice and soft, subtle and lets the image just pop right out!!
I also used the sketch from the current challenge on the Aurora Wings Challenge blog!! Come on over and check that out too!!
Now if you must have this new little "Spring Sprite" you can pop over to the Aurora Wings Etsy Store or the newly refurbished Aurora Wings Website and grab her.

Now, that's all for me today! I must be off and get ready for that Dragon Birthday Party you've been hearing about from me! See you all next time!!

PS So when I originally wrote this blog post I put a little blurb about how Mitzi would likely offer a discount code for the weekend, as she usually does. But then I second guessed myself thinking "But what if she doesn't? Then people will have thier hopes up for nothing" So I deleted that part... and then 12hrs before the post goes live we got a COUPON CODE for Aurora Wings!! Heck yes!! Leet's do that!! So here you go everyone:
No automatic alt text available.

And I promised I would show you what my little people did with this image as well!! The littlest was not so interest in coloring this week., but the big one is really get into it!! Check it out:
Not bad for 6 years old ey? I might be bias though!! LOL

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks so much for popping by!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fairy Ink- "Spring Maiden Autumn Rose" Dream Card

My latest post is up over on Faery Ink! With a beautiful new image to share with you called "Spring Maiden- Autumn Rose"! Come on by and take a peek!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Faery Ink Workshop Wednesday #12- Playing with Copics using Tim Holtz Distress Markers Spritzer

Hello again!! This weeks Workshop Wednesday is live and this week we are using a nifty little tool with our copic markers to create an airbrush like effect!! Come on over to the Faery Ink Blog and take a look!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tree Round Christmas Tree Ornaments

Back before Christmas I had a customer approach me about making some Christmas tree ornaments for him... He had a different idea that would have been very hard to do... but we chatted a little and this is what we came up with:
 We took a picture of his beautiful daughter and put it on one side. I modge podged her in there and sprinkled some fine glitter around the edges and it ended up looking like snow!! Then we added some vinyl to say Merry Christmas and added the year.

On the back we put a picture of the family with the same light dusting of glitter and they looked so adorable!! 

I know its super early or super late LOL but I just wanted to share cuz they turned out so sweet!!

Mixed Media Art Work

I am terrible behind on my blogging. And I really shouldn't be doing it now... I still have to finish the little ones bday presents. But I'm sitting here and I don't feel like getting all inky just yet... LOL but I do need to show you some of the projects I made back at CHRISTMAS!! Seriously!!! LOL... SO lets start with the Selena Fenech canvas shall we...

I made these 2 custom peices for my girlfriend to giver her nieces for Christmas. The first one favorite colors are pink and purple.... So I colored up with beautiful Selena Fenech image "Enchanted Girl and Unicorn"

Then I got our all manner of inks and paints and mediums and created this beautiful canvas.

For the other niece I used Ching Chou Kuiks image "Northern Nightfall". This little girl loves teal and purple....

Once I had that beauty all colored up I again got out all manner of mixed media and turned it into a beautiful canvas!!

And there ya go! A couple mixed medias to finally show you!! LOL Thanks for stopping in again!!

"She leaves a little SPARKLE wherever she goes" necklace holder and "Real MEN keep their pants up" belt buckle holder

Hey hey hey!
I was chatting with a girl friend the other day who has 2 kids bdays right around ours in the next few weeks.... And I totally forgot cuz I've been so busy with the Dragons.... so I asked what her daughter would like for her bday and she says "Oh, anything from Claire's" well that got the wheels ticking that pretty quick that little one is gonna have so much jewelry to organize if all she wants is jewelry!! And the idea popped into my head to make these necklace holders!!

I am beyond in love with the finished project!! Hubby and I worked hard on them all weekend!!! And I say them because while chatting I realized my neices bday is in a few weeks too and I hadn't thought about her either... WHOOPS!!!  So make 2... and then working on the boys (which ended up being 3) I figured we might as well make 3 for the girls too!! LOL So for now I have one extra one kicking around but I doubt it will be for long! LOL

As I was thinking about the necklace holder for the girls I thought about my girlfriends little mans gift too. And he rodeos already... so he already has a collection of belt buckles... maybe I could make something of a similar concept for her him too... and if I'm making one for him now I might as well make one for his brother who's bday is a few months.... and "Mom, your hubbys bday is in a few weeks... would he use one of these" and now we are making 3!! LOL Funny how that happens ey?

For the boys I customized using their favorite colors and vinyl scraps I had sitting around. We used U-bolts as the holders themselves even though hubby originally thought I was crazy... But I love the look they bring to it!!! 

And that's that folks. Useful, pretty room decor ready to roll!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Its a Dragon Birthday!! For a little girl!! Using Faery Inks Dragon digis

 Hey Ya'll!! My little girl just turned 4!! How in the heck did that happen?? And all she wanted for her birthday was Dragons. Yup, Dragons. Do you know how hard it is to find dragon party themed supplies? That's not related to some show or movie? Like impossible!! Or if you do find them it costs more than the supplies to ship it!! So Mommy had to do some work for this little ones party!!

I started with the invitations. Her favorite color is purple and she also likes pink so.... we colored Faery Inks Dragon Heart digi in purple and pink and got to work!

I used the very last of my CTMH Gypsy paper to create all her supplies which sadly I think is a discontinued color now <tears>. The pattern paper is a digital paper from Julia Spiri. The rest I designed in Microsoft Word and Viola! Super cute dragon themed girlie invitations!

While I was in Microsoft Word I designed the cupcake picks as well. I used the same digital papers and CTMH cardstock to mount them.

And again I think they turned out sooo cute!! I can't wait to get them on cupcakes!!

Then I used the same idea to make tags for the favor bags!

I am so in love with how these turned out!! Just super cute!! I love the pink bags with the favor tags!! It has just the touch of pink to everything like I was hoping for!

I used the same touch of pink in her birthday banner as well! The banner is a free file from Dreaming Tree and I love it!! It gave her banner just a touch of medieval flare without going there entirely!  

I could not be happier with how this turned out and I know she will be thrilled!!

Next is the cake topper! I used just a piece of white cardstock for the back and created a base layer in Cricut Design space. Then I added the sparkly clouds and topped it with Faery Inks Dragon Heart again. 
I think this is going to look adorable on her cake when I get it made... Stay tuned! LOL

I loved this Faery Ink Bella Bubble Fae for adding bubbles to the favor bags. I could not find the style of bubbles I wanted so we improvised in Microsoft word again and re-made the labels on the bubble bottles!!

I cannot begin to tell you how cute there are in person!! So sweet!!!

Then I used Bella and her sweet little dragon for her birthday card too!! 
Its sweet and simple and perfect for my little one!!

Lastly... was some more party favors... did I mention how hard it was to find dragon party favors?? Seriously though!! I couldn't find stickers or anything!! The only thing I managed to find was little Dragon figures at our local michaels... thank god!! So instead of trying to order on line or not have any at all I used up some Perler Beads that are just sitting in the closet and made Dragon key chains.
I found some patterns for dragons on Pinterest and had to modify them slightly to fit the Perler peg board we already have. The girls love playing with theirs and it used up like half that barely touched container of beads so I'm a happy momma!!!

Thanks for popping in today!! I promise to update this post as soon as the party has actually happened and I have real cupcakes and cakes ect to show you!! Have a great day!!

Faery Ink Workshop Wednesday #11- Playing with Copics- Coloring Glitter

Hello there!! I just wanted to share with you that this weeks Workshop Wednesday is live over on the Faery Ink Blog where we are talking about how to use your Copic refills to color glitter! Come on over and say Hi!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Faery Ink Workshop Wednesday #10- Playing with Copics- Coloring Ribbon

Good Morning!! The new Workshop Wednesday is live over on the Faery Ink Blog!! This morning we are talking about how to color ribbon using your Copic refills!! Come and take a peek!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Aurora Wings Challenge #45: Sprite Delight IV- Sprite Delight Playing Cards using a variety of Sprites

Hey ya'll!! I have a very special project for you this month!! I have been working on getting this made since this time last year when the crazy idea popped into my head!!! And now it's finished and the finished project has arrived just in time for the Sprite Delight IV Challenge over at Aurora Wings!!! I colored 54 Sprites and using Printer Studio I turned them into a beautiful deck of playing cards!!

The Printer Studio software and my home scanner turned my colorings into an awesome collectors item!!! 
I used Orchid Sprite, Wild Rose Sprite and Calla Lily Sprite for the back of my cards.

I used Pierrot Sprite and Turkey Sprite for the Joker cards.

I tried to use Sprites I had colored in pinks and reds for the Hearts and Diamonds suits so that the colors would compliment each other.
Featuring: Mistletoe Sprite, Strawberry Sprite, Ladybug Sprite, Cupcake Sprite, Cherry Sprite, Butterfly Sprite- Simply Wings, Christmas Lights Sprite, Poinsettia Sprite, Whimsical Cherry Blossom Sprite, Rose Sprite, Sundae Sprite, Slow Loris Sprite (He is not available for purchase, he was part of a Slow Loris fundraiser), Cardinal Sprite
Apple Sprite, Linnea Sprite, Daphne Sprite, Pansy Sprite, Venus Fly Trap Sprite, Holly Sprite, Jellyfish Sprite, Lily of the Valley Sprite, Wild Rose Sprite, Cherry Blossom Sprite, Poppy Sprite, Lotus Sprite, Bleeding Hearts Sprite

I used the Sprites I had colored in other colors for the Spades and Clubs suits in hopes again the colors would compliment each other and make the colors of the Sprites really pop!
Featuring: Columbine Sprite, Autumn Sprite, Tiger Lily Sprite, Star Angel Sprite, Dandelion Sprite, Wisteria Sprite, Petunia Sprite, Snap Dragon Sprite, Violet Sprite, Orchid Sprite, Christmas Tree Sprite, Calla Lily Sprite, Hydrangea Sprite
Acorn Baby, Honey Bee Sprite, Acorn Sprite, Corn Sprite, Pumpkin Sprite, Sunflower Sprite, Hibiscus Sprite, Bamboo Sprite, Butterfly Sprite- Fancy Wings, Winter Sprite, Pineapple Sprite, Garland Sprite, Day of the Dead Marigold Sprite

I was also very careful to space out the seasonal and holiday sprites throughout the flower sprites so that no suit or run would be over come with Christmas/ Winter Sprites.

I am unbelievably thrilled with the end result!! My hope is that there will be a sale at Printer Studio between now and Christmas and I will be able to give these as gifts to our friends and family this Christmas. 

<<Disclaimer: I have been in contact with the Artist Mitzi Sato-Wiuff throughout the process of designing this deck of playing cards. Together we have been very careful to ensure that all Terms of Use of Mitzi's artwork have been met!! These decks of cards will not be sold, as that is against TOU. I have also made sure each card front and back gives credit for the line art to Mitzi and Aurora Wings.>>
If this project inspires you to create a similar project please, please, please make sure you very carefully read the TOU posted on both the Aurora Wings website and the Aurora Wings Etsy Shop!! 

I am entering the deck of Playing Cards in the World Wide Open Design Team Challenge!!

Now if you would like to play along this fortnight make sure you pop by the Aurora Wings Challenge blog!! Mitzi has a special FREEBIE for everyone to use in this challenge if you would like!!! 
This sweetie is the new Pansy Sprite!! And she is available as a FREEBIE for the next 2 weeks only!! So make sure you pop over and grab her!!

I also have a few cards to show you that I made using the colored sprite from the card deck!!
Calla Lily Sprite Sympathy Card

Strawberry Sprite Sympathy Card

Cherry Sprite Thinking of You Card

Orchid Sprite Thinking of You Card

Wisteria Sprite Sympathy Card

Sakura Sprite Sympathy Card

Cherry Blossom Sprite Sympathy Card

And there you have it!! That is a lot of Sprites!!! And it was such a Delight!! LOL
Can't wait to see what you all create these next few weeks!!! Thanks so much for popping by today!!! xoxo