Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mixed Media Art Work

I am terrible behind on my blogging. And I really shouldn't be doing it now... I still have to finish the little ones bday presents. But I'm sitting here and I don't feel like getting all inky just yet... LOL but I do need to show you some of the projects I made back at CHRISTMAS!! Seriously!!! LOL... SO lets start with the Selena Fenech canvas shall we...

I made these 2 custom peices for my girlfriend to giver her nieces for Christmas. The first one favorite colors are pink and purple.... So I colored up with beautiful Selena Fenech image "Enchanted Girl and Unicorn"

Then I got our all manner of inks and paints and mediums and created this beautiful canvas.

For the other niece I used Ching Chou Kuiks image "Northern Nightfall". This little girl loves teal and purple....

Once I had that beauty all colored up I again got out all manner of mixed media and turned it into a beautiful canvas!!

And there ya go! A couple mixed medias to finally show you!! LOL Thanks for stopping in again!!

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