Monday, March 6, 2017

Aurora Wings Challenge #45: Sprite Delight IV- Sprite Delight Playing Cards using a variety of Sprites

Hey ya'll!! I have a very special project for you this month!! I have been working on getting this made since this time last year when the crazy idea popped into my head!!! And now it's finished and the finished project has arrived just in time for the Sprite Delight IV Challenge over at Aurora Wings!!! I colored 54 Sprites and using Printer Studio I turned them into a beautiful deck of playing cards!!

The Printer Studio software and my home scanner turned my colorings into an awesome collectors item!!! 
I used Orchid Sprite, Wild Rose Sprite and Calla Lily Sprite for the back of my cards.

I used Pierrot Sprite and Turkey Sprite for the Joker cards.

I tried to use Sprites I had colored in pinks and reds for the Hearts and Diamonds suits so that the colors would compliment each other.
Featuring: Mistletoe Sprite, Strawberry Sprite, Ladybug Sprite, Cupcake Sprite, Cherry Sprite, Butterfly Sprite- Simply Wings, Christmas Lights Sprite, Poinsettia Sprite, Whimsical Cherry Blossom Sprite, Rose Sprite, Sundae Sprite, Slow Loris Sprite (He is not available for purchase, he was part of a Slow Loris fundraiser), Cardinal Sprite
Apple Sprite, Linnea Sprite, Daphne Sprite, Pansy Sprite, Venus Fly Trap Sprite, Holly Sprite, Jellyfish Sprite, Lily of the Valley Sprite, Wild Rose Sprite, Cherry Blossom Sprite, Poppy Sprite, Lotus Sprite, Bleeding Hearts Sprite

I used the Sprites I had colored in other colors for the Spades and Clubs suits in hopes again the colors would compliment each other and make the colors of the Sprites really pop!
Featuring: Columbine Sprite, Autumn Sprite, Tiger Lily Sprite, Star Angel Sprite, Dandelion Sprite, Wisteria Sprite, Petunia Sprite, Snap Dragon Sprite, Violet Sprite, Orchid Sprite, Christmas Tree Sprite, Calla Lily Sprite, Hydrangea Sprite
Acorn Baby, Honey Bee Sprite, Acorn Sprite, Corn Sprite, Pumpkin Sprite, Sunflower Sprite, Hibiscus Sprite, Bamboo Sprite, Butterfly Sprite- Fancy Wings, Winter Sprite, Pineapple Sprite, Garland Sprite, Day of the Dead Marigold Sprite

I was also very careful to space out the seasonal and holiday sprites throughout the flower sprites so that no suit or run would be over come with Christmas/ Winter Sprites.

I am unbelievably thrilled with the end result!! My hope is that there will be a sale at Printer Studio between now and Christmas and I will be able to give these as gifts to our friends and family this Christmas. 

<<Disclaimer: I have been in contact with the Artist Mitzi Sato-Wiuff throughout the process of designing this deck of playing cards. Together we have been very careful to ensure that all Terms of Use of Mitzi's artwork have been met!! These decks of cards will not be sold, as that is against TOU. I have also made sure each card front and back gives credit for the line art to Mitzi and Aurora Wings.>>
If this project inspires you to create a similar project please, please, please make sure you very carefully read the TOU posted on both the Aurora Wings website and the Aurora Wings Etsy Shop!! 

I am entering the deck of Playing Cards in the World Wide Open Design Team Challenge!!

Now if you would like to play along this fortnight make sure you pop by the Aurora Wings Challenge blog!! Mitzi has a special FREEBIE for everyone to use in this challenge if you would like!!! 
This sweetie is the new Pansy Sprite!! And she is available as a FREEBIE for the next 2 weeks only!! So make sure you pop over and grab her!!

I also have a few cards to show you that I made using the colored sprite from the card deck!!
Calla Lily Sprite Sympathy Card

Strawberry Sprite Sympathy Card

Cherry Sprite Thinking of You Card

Orchid Sprite Thinking of You Card

Wisteria Sprite Sympathy Card

Sakura Sprite Sympathy Card

Cherry Blossom Sprite Sympathy Card

And there you have it!! That is a lot of Sprites!!! And it was such a Delight!! LOL
Can't wait to see what you all create these next few weeks!!! Thanks so much for popping by today!!! xoxo


  1. Okay, I'm totally speechless, Sara! What an amazing idea and the range and scope of this project truly shows your love for Mitzi's fabulous artwork. Gorgeous coloring and such professional execution. I can't even imagine the hours you put into this glorious project. Adorable cards, too. I don't think I'd ever thought about using Sprites on sympathy cards, but I'm sure they would bring a smile and comfort in a difficult time. Brava! You ROCK, Chickie! xxD

  2. OMG, Sara, this was a post that kept on giving! I still remember when you talked to me about this idea and I was curious how long it was going to take you. I would have been too intimidated to take this project on. I've applauded before in our PMs, but I must applaud again! Love how you spread them out seasonally and also color coordinated based on the suits. A lot of thinking, as well as time and effort, had gone into this labor of love. And I love seeing all the beautiful cards you made with the colored images from the deck of playing cards, too. This was like a one-person Sprites showcase post! Truly amazing. My hat's off to you!! Thank you for this incredible inspiration for our Sprite Delight IV challenge at Aurora Wings. Mitzi xxx

  3. Ok so I'm sitting here and wiping of my drewlings.... This is just so freaking awesome... I love it xoxo

  4. wow this is awesome, such lovely idea, lots of hugs, Marion

  5. OMGoodness, Sara! There are no words adequate enough to express the awesomeness of this project. Wow! You did a fantabulous job! I keep going back to take another look! What a load of work but so worth it. I wouldn't let anyone play with these cards :-) Wow!!! Needless to say, I love, love, love them! Hugs ~ Lena

  6. Wow, Wow, wow, this is truly amazing and each one is coloured beautifully, Stunning Sara x

  7. Wow ... what a simply stunning project Sara! Well done for your "stick-ability" in creating the entire deck of cards. They'll be a real keepsake for anyone lucky enough to receive these as gifts.
    Helen x

  8. WOW Sara, what an amazing project, so much work involved in this. I love it! xx

  9. OMG, how amazing, the work and time you put into this project with an awesome idea to make playing cards out out them..

  10. I just love your playing cards! Wow you have put so so much work into it and I am sure you will treasure them forever! Great work! Hugs Julie xox

  11. Wow these are just gorgeous. Lovely work. They look great. Thank you for sharing with us here today at World Wide Open Design Team Challenge and best of luck with your entry.

    Annette DT Registered Owners/Admin for World Wide Open Design Team Challenge

  12. LOVE THIS PROJECT! It's been in the works for so long and I was so happy to see this deck in person. What an amazing project, you did such a fantastic job on it my friend.

    Thank you for sharing with us here today at World Wide Open Design Team Challenge and best of luck with your entry.

    Wanda DT World Wide Open Design Team Challenge