Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"She leaves a little SPARKLE wherever she goes" necklace holder and "Real MEN keep their pants up" belt buckle holder

Hey hey hey!
I was chatting with a girl friend the other day who has 2 kids bdays right around ours in the next few weeks.... And I totally forgot cuz I've been so busy with the Dragons.... so I asked what her daughter would like for her bday and she says "Oh, anything from Claire's" well that got the wheels ticking that pretty quick that little one is gonna have so much jewelry to organize if all she wants is jewelry!! And the idea popped into my head to make these necklace holders!!

I am beyond in love with the finished project!! Hubby and I worked hard on them all weekend!!! And I say them because while chatting I realized my neices bday is in a few weeks too and I hadn't thought about her either... WHOOPS!!!  So make 2... and then working on the boys (which ended up being 3) I figured we might as well make 3 for the girls too!! LOL So for now I have one extra one kicking around but I doubt it will be for long! LOL

As I was thinking about the necklace holder for the girls I thought about my girlfriends little mans gift too. And he rodeos already... so he already has a collection of belt buckles... maybe I could make something of a similar concept for her him too... and if I'm making one for him now I might as well make one for his brother who's bday is a few months.... and "Mom, your hubbys bday is in a few weeks... would he use one of these" and now we are making 3!! LOL Funny how that happens ey?

For the boys I customized using their favorite colors and vinyl scraps I had sitting around. We used U-bolts as the holders themselves even though hubby originally thought I was crazy... But I love the look they bring to it!!! 

And that's that folks. Useful, pretty room decor ready to roll!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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