Monday, November 16, 2015

Post- Creative Escapes Retreat

Hey Everyone!!
I'm back from my annual "Creative Escapes Retreat" hosted by Personal Touch Scrapbooking! And I have some very cool things to show you! Grab a warm beverage and let's get started!!

Let me start by saying we rent a Summer Camp type facility for 4 days. We have a dining hall/ massive craft room, bedrooms, gym, ect available to us. They cook and clean and we simply craft!!

I am a night owl... but on retreat weekend I am also a morning person... Go Figure!! Although not as much of a morning person as my friend, Wanda, of Wanderful Creations.
My little sister and I come wandering downstairs at 7am and this is what we find:
Wanda, already up for 2 hours and with completely blue fingers to boot!!

But look closely at what she's made there!! It's AMAZING!! And I'm sure if you keep an eye on her blog in the next few days she will had it posted for all to ogle!!

We play the "Donkey Game"... Whenever you finish a project you take it over to whoever currently has the Donkey and show them. You then get to steal the Donkey. And if you are in possession of the Donkey when our Hostess, Chelsey, call Donkey you win a prize!

This is a picture of our group "Scrappin Queens" We had so much fun together this weekend creating all kinds of things!!

This is one of the make and takes that Chelsey of Personal Touch Scrapbooking put together for us.

This make and take was put together by Debbie of Scrappin and Cardmakin

This project I put together myself... It took about 12hours for all 3 train cars... I have 7 more to make... I hope I figure out how to do it way faster!!!

 If you like what you see you can download the file yourself and get to cutting!!

This is Tempest of Ice by Aurora Wings. I have been working on him for a few weeks and finished him up at retreat as well. I love how he turned out and I think he will look spectacular framed and ready for my brother for Christmas!!

Now to enter some creations in some challenges!! Stay tuned to see more of what I created!!

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  1. You've been busy yesterday, I guess I better get blogging today. I had an amazing weekend at retreat! So happy the blue came off my fingers.