Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Its been awhile...

Well Christmas is over, and the New Year has come and gone. Hubby is back to work and life is back to normal... And I am dying to get some creating done!!! Sadly... there are garbages to be changed and blue boxes to be emptied and a mountain of laundry to get done and dishes to do and floors to sweep and a toddler on my lap wanting kisses and and and. Lol! See how fast I am getting it all done? Except the toddler kisses those are done! Lol Thought I would procrastinate a few minutes longer and show you the Frozen pjs I was telling you about before!!
Cute ey? She loves them!! But Mommy needs to do alittle work to make them perfect still... turns out I needed to double fold the hems cuz they are fraying after 1 wash... pattern did not tell me that!! And zig zag stitch all the edges... so Heigh Ho Heigh Ho its off to the sewing machine ago!!

Stay tuned for some other wicked projects this week!! My oldests Frozen bday invitations, an exploding box for a baby name reveal at a baby shower I'm co-hosting next weekend, and a baby blanket for said baby shower!!

Happy Crafting!!!

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