Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gift Boxes... and some sewing!

So the last few days I've done very little crafting for me.. Got caught up with my babies and Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele... Yup, I like to read... and I can't put a book down once its started... even if its the second time reading it LOL I should know better than to pick it up even for a few minutes!!
But now that those are finished again I need to get the rest of Christmas ready!
Wanna see what I have completed the last few days?

My sis actually pinned this post on pinterest and I loved it so gave it a try for a couple quick little gifts for coworkers... Each box took alittle over an hour to finish.. a score in my book! And they are adorable!! Imagine if I took more time embellishing? I like the simple look for these gifts.. So shout out to"From my craft room" for this tutorial!!

Cute ey? I filled them with Chocolate, Treats for thier children, Treats for thier dogs, Tic Tacs and Home made beeswaz lip balm. I hope they like them!!

I am also entering one of these boxes into Fantabulous Cricut Challenge this week! Wish me luck!

Then I finished up a little throw quilt I made with scraps left over from a tree skirt I made back in October with a pattern from Nite Owl Quilting. The Grinch is hubbys favorite Christmas character and the girls seem thrilled to have a little kid in the christmas decor! 

And that's what I have been working on this week... What about you??

Now off to get started on those pjs!! Seriously!! 1 week to go and I'm just getting started!! And i have all the wrapping left!! Damn you Fifty Shades!!! ;)


  1. The tree skirt and throw turned out GREAT! Love the light gift boxes too. Now for the pj's... Happy sewing my friend.

  2. The boxes are so cool! Thanks for joining us at FCCB.