Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello world!

This is brand new to me... My first ever blog post... Not sure what to do with this so....
A plan?
Here's my plan for my blog... I think...
A journal... Of my paper creations... Quite regularly my fabric creations... And quite possibly my mommy learning.. Lol... So a journal... For me... Get my creations out there whether it's paper, material or words. Just out there in the world. A little peice of me floating around in cyber space and if no one sees at least I know it's out there.

I love to create with paper and mixed media. It's fun!!! My two little ones love to see what mommy has made!! Quite frequently these creations are for them or thier friends or our family and it tickles my oldest that "mommy made something for you!!"
Fabric is a new addiction... Well returned. My gramma is amazing with a sewing machine and although I'm still learning I hope one day to be as good as her!! My fabric creations are more functional than pretty works of art but I'm always to impressed with the way they turn out! Again, I'm still learning!
Words... I've always been good at getting my thoughts on paper.. Maybe because my moms an English teacher. Please do not expect proper grammar, spelling, punctuation or anything of the sort from me. I'm not good at it but I can usually take my thoughts and make sense of them on a peice of paper. I'm raising to two little ones and so quite likely some days my creations will be word vomit from mommy hood maybe you will be going through similar things,maybe you already have, maybe you care not to look that day. That's cool it's me getting it out there.

Let's have some fun and share some creative ideas in whatever form it may come in today!!

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