Friday, December 12, 2014

My poor sewing machine...

Hello Again!

Today was a sewing kinda day! With Christmas just 2 weeks away I had a few quick little projects to finish up before getting ready and off to work. Wanna see? OK!!

First I put the binding on a quilt for my littlest one. The pattern is from a breast cancer quilt book... Forgive me I don't remember what its called.. I borrowed it from the library... But its pink! Lol!

Second I whipped up a quick bag for a coworkers gift. I used the pattern from This is the 5th bag using this pattern and I love it!! Its quick, easy and soooo cute!!! Thanks Zaaberry!!!

These are the other ones I made:

And lastly I whipped up a cricut cover for my lil sis for her xmas present. I made myself one this summer with a pattern from Crafty Girls Workshop. My sis wanted one right away.. took me awhile but its done!! The best part is that I used Tim Holtz material and embellishments which just tickles my fancy lol. I love Tim Holtz, did I mention that?

First up my cover:

Now here is the new one for lil sis:

So thats what happened here today... Tomorrow.. maybe nothing lol... but Sunday we are making Frozen jammies for the littlest!!!

What are you working on?

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