Tuesday, September 22, 2015


So the rental property that I mentioned previously, that just sold, was our home before it was a rental. It was our first home, where we lived when we got engaged, where I spent my wedding day, where I first found out I was expecting our daughters, we my sister spent her wedding day, where we lived when our daughters were born. Our oldest said her first words, took her first steps, all of those babies firsts happened there. It is where I finally felt safe to break down and have a good cry when my Great Gramma died. It holds so many unbelievable memories for me!! My good friend, Wanda, told me she was expecting miracle baby number 2 sitting in my living room holding my first baby. <TEARS>
I am having a very hard time letting that HOME go. But it is time. Our family has moved on to a new home that fits us all, where new memories are being built! Baby number 2 did all her first here except coming home for the first time. LOL.
I wanted the new owner to know that house was a home, our home, and now their home. I wanted them to know some of the beautiful memories it holds safely in its walls. I wanted them to know it is a beautiful place for them to build their life and their memories and to wish them luck in their new HOME.
And so this is what I created for them:

It is quite simple, I know, but all I know about the new owner is that he is male. So I needed to make something very neutral. I don't know his age or background, likes or dislikes, religion or lack there of. So I played it super safe and just made a quick and simple little card. Inside I wrote a much briefer version of what I wrote above and wished him luck.
And tomorrow I will leave it on the counter when I am in that home, for the last time before I hand over keys to the realtor and move that home officially into our past. <TEARS>

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  1. Great masculine card! I'm sure he will love it and the notes inside. Great memories there for sure.
    I remember when I barely knew you and Rob wanted to stop by and help his buddy with a few boxes. I ended up helping unpack the kitchen boxes (that must have drove you crazy, lol) while the boys emptied the entire trailer. That was a fun day & the start of our wonderful friendship!