Thursday, March 24, 2016

Elmo Party!!

My youngest turned 3 on the weekend so we had an Elmo party... And although it was not as elaborate as some of the kids parties we have thrown I think she loved it!!!
Her cake topper

Party Hats

Her Birthday Banner

Elmo Game

Party favors- Also included a sheet of Elmo stickers and an Elmo tupperware container

Her Birthday Cake

I think she hated it!! LOL

Her birthday card

Its a pop up inside!!

Her card from her big sister

Birthday Girl Ribbon

And the Elmo hand puppets we made as a craft

This Elmo party was brought to you by the Sesame Street Elmo's Party Cricut cartridge!! And thank god because otherwise I never would have gotten anything done!!

PS Invitations to follow when I finally get them made! BAHAHAHAH

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