Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Month of Birthdays....

Do you have a certain time of year that is just jam packed with birthdays? This is it for us!! My oldest starts it in February and my nephew ends it at the end of April... and in between we have close to 15 birthdays... That is a lot of creating!!! And while I love doing it I start to get alittle stressed and behind! LOL But today marks the almost caught up point so I thought I would take a few minutes to show you some of the things I have been working on!!

These first few are tshirts I made using cricut Iron on. I used just the outline of the images so that the kids could color them in-- with washable markers of course-- however they choose.

Tinkerbelle for my neice

A dragon for my nephew

A dirt biker for a friends son.

Then I was finally able to complete FEBRUARYS Kit and Clowder Create and Learn Class for my neice. She and my nephew share a room so I felt like a fairy and a dragon would be total appropriate for a gender neutral room!! My nephew will be getting one colored the same way for his birthday as well although the dragon will be much more the focal point in his image.

You have seen me do a few Thank You gifts lately for the people helping us out so much these past few months. One of my besties has been a crazy big help to us and she has a small Alice in Wonderland fetish... So for her Thank You gift I colored up Ching Chou Kuiks- Alice and Cheshire Cat digi in an 8x10 and framed it for her. I know that the bright red background is alittle off putting but my bestie loves the trippy side of Alice in Wonderland so I always try and display that in her images. I used a few different Kit and Clowder Create and Learn Classes to brush up some techniques used to color this image as well.

And when said bestie showed up a day early for a visit the other day she brought along projects she needed the Cricut to create...
36 Cinderella silhouette wine glasses and tags

A fairy tale mirror to create-- I know its not a fab pic but I tried!! And she WILL be painting the frame of the mirror-- or I will! LOL

And a great big swear jar her boyfriend wanted made...

My moms husband is turning 60 next week so I needed to get something together for him as well... They are huge into Karaoke and singing so I thought this would be perfect for him!
The front

The back- jersey style but not full jersey LOL

 And then you need to have cards to go with the gifts...
For my friends son

And this one is for one of my nephews. Any ideas for a 1st Birthday gift?? Anyone??

I am entering these in the Retro Sketches and Seize the Birthday (Water) challenges.

Thanks for taking a look today!! I might just post the Elmo Birthday party if you pop back in a bit!

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  1. Lots of eye candy here! LOVE the way you brought in water with the [fabulous & fun] fire truck! Thanks for joining in at STB!