Tuesday, May 17, 2016

DigiPlayground- Simple Tote Bag- Frozen gift bag and wallet

I can't believe I forgot to post this weeks ago!! I had so much fun making but life must have gotten in the way!! 
A friend has started doing her childrens birthdays a little differently.... She has asked that her kids be given cash.. 2 bills of equal denomination... 1 the child will donate to charity and 1 the child will buy a toy or whatever with. Its a very interesting concept and I wanted to make it a little more fun for a 5 year old little girl so we made her a purse using the DigiPlayground- Simple Tote Bag SVG. I designed the little wallet myself in Cricut Design Space and cut the characters with the Cricut Frozen cartridge.

Each of the little tabs on the left pulls out and has a special little note from each of us on it. We filled the coin purse full and of course put a couple bills in the bill folder. Then we grabbed a few things from the dollar store and around the house that a girl would carry in her purse like lip gloss, perfume, nail polish, hand lotion, a hair tie, that kinda thing and tossed them in there with her wallet. Just made it a little more fun and personable for a little girl.

I am entering this project in the Not Just Cards Challenge.

Thanks for taking a peak today!!

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