Saturday, November 5, 2016

Aurora Wings Challenge #39: My Favorite Quote; Using Enchanted Visions; Mixed Media Calendar

How are you all today?? I am so excited to share this calendar and quote with you all!! It really is a labor of love!! The whole project has probably taken a full 24 hours or more to complete and I'm thrilled to have this beauty hanging beside my desk as we speak!!
When I saw "Now and Then" oh so many years ago it really spoke to me. I know I know it's a silly kids movie but there was something with each of the girls that I connected with. I was 10 years old when this movie was released and I'm guessing I probably didn't see it right away but I own it now and might just watch it tonight! LOL
I did not have an easy childhood. I did not have terrifying one or anything but it was not easy. And I carry so much of that baggage forward with me into my adult life. There are a couple different quotes from this movie that have always stuck with me, but this one has always and I mean ALWAYS rung out in my head anytime something has happened that makes me wanna hide in my room under the blankets and never come out. Let's face it, even in our adult lives we still have that urge probably on a more regular basis than any of us will ever admit to. So I hope that if you read this maybe this little quote will strike a cord and remind you to keep on going!
Nice little sneak peak right there isn't it? Lol! Wanna see the rest now?

I have created a 12x12 Calendar for next year to go beside my desk. I always have to go look at the ones in the girls rooms for the birthdays coming up when I'm making cards and planning out my month. Now I have one right here!!

I used the beautiful "Enchanted Visions" by Aurora Wings for this project. She is just so pretty and I love those fairies playing with her hair!!

I glittered up the wings, put some stickles in the center of the flowers and liquid pearls on some of the loose petals for some more shine and texture.

There ya go. There's the glitter!! I used Wink of Stella Clear for the glittery wings because it goes on so beautifully and has never yet smeared the copic ink below!

For my embellishments I used some teal and purple flowers I had around as well as rolled some roses from coordinating paper. I misted and Liquid Glassed the big butterfly up there so it would match perfectly.

I added liquid pearl to the center of the roses for another added texture as well as to fill them in. The butterfly in this picture is coated with stickles as well.

I love this calendar that I picked up on Etsy. Its beautiful and simple and really has everything you need. I went through the girls calendars and wrote all the birthdays and anniversaries for the year on there so no one will get forgotten!
I also added some liquid glass drops to look like dew drops on all the petals.

I put some teal buttons both glittery and not around to add another elements and some more shine as well as fill in some "empty" spaces.

And that's my Calendar canvas!! I am in love! Especially with those beautiful eyes staring down at me!!

I can't wait to see what everyone's favorite quotes are!! It's going to be so much fun to see!! Have a fabulous month everyone and I will back with another soon!


  1. Oh Sara, this is GLORIOUS! Your beautiful coloring and attention to detail is amazing and I love that your quote is one that you've found encouraging and empowering since childhood. And what an amazing garden you've created on your page. I hope you have enough wall space to keep all of the months hanging, because I certainly couldn't part with this when February rolls around. xxD

  2. Wonderful project, colouring and.... Yes I love all of it and that quote is fab Hugs

  3. Such a gorgeous calendar, Sara!! The color palette of teal and purple in all shades from dark to light is so beautiful. It's wonderful to read that the quote from the movie "Now and Then" has been so empowering to you and personally meaningful. Love reading the back story of your stunning work. Thank you so much for this beautiful inspiration for our latest challenge at Aurora Wings. Mitzi xxx

  4. what a lovely romantic card you made and such a lovely quote. FAbulous project, lots of hugs, Marion

  5. this...such great colours and colouring. Great quote too.
    Lynn aka Lynnpenguin

  6. Beautiful and so much detail, I think it is lovely that you have used a quote that you connect with and has meaning to you x

  7. Beautifully done, Sara! The coloring is beautiful, and the design is perfect! xxM