Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Faery Ink One Dae Fae!! Light up Faery House using 3 Little Birds Lahla and Dreaming Tree- Tea Light Haunted House

I really don't think I need to say more! LOL Look at her!! In that house! I must say this is one of my cooler ideas! LOL I have a bunch more pitcures to show you of all the shiny-ness!!
But first, this image is free today only!! Its the Faery Ink One Dae Fae!! So pop by the store and grab her while you can!!!
Ok now to show you more pretty!!!
See all that glitter!! What kind of Faery House doesn't have a glitter roof?

I don't think I missed showing you any detail did I?

Oh yes... the one big thing...
 Since the 3 Little Birds Lahla is Bob Marley inspired I couldn't not pull the song into my project. That's why the house and the doorstep. But I had to have some way to explain it because I don't think most people would put all those things together and come up with one of my all time favorite songs. LOL So voila!! The yard sign!! Has the lyrics to the song!! I wish I had made it a little bigger but what do you do?

OOOOoooooo now do you want to see the BIG thing?? Eeeks!!!

It lights up!!! There are 4 tea lights on a stand in the back to make the windows glow!!

Now if you love this and want to make one I have to warn you... this is actually a Haunted House. Yup, seriously! Its a Haunted House. And I used different papers and cut some elements out to turn it into a Faery House!! The file I used to create my Faery House Dreaming Tree- Tea Light Haunted House. I hope you have as much fun with it as I did!!

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