Sunday, May 14, 2017

Advice from a Waterfall using Flowers, Feathers and Fairies "Aiyanna" and "Waterfall Lagoon"

Hey you guys!! I am sooooo excited to share with you our new image from Flowers, Feathers and Fairies!!! Sabrina read everyone saying in our Kit and Clowder group how much they would love a good waterfall digital stamp and she listened sooooo Viola!! "Waterfall Lagoon" was born!!
 And what would a waterfall lagoon be without someone enjoying it? Viola!! "Aiyana" and "Seafairy" were born!!


Now, if you are like me and not so tech savy you can purchase "Waterfall Lagoon, Seafairy, and Aiyana" in a bundle in the Flowers, Feathers and Fairies Etsy Store. You will receive each individual image as well as "Aiyana" and "Seafairy" merged with "Waterfall Lagoon." If you purchase this way you will save about 14% over what you would pay to purchase each individually. Purchasing in the bundle is also the only way to get the merged images so it's totally worth it!!!
I did not work with "Seafairy" but both Sabrina and another of our Design Team did so make sure you pop by the Flowers, Feathers and Fairies Blog to see some inspiration with those images!!

I would love to show you what I have created with these images!!! I used "Aiyana" and "Waterfall Lagoon" premerged to create a pretty awesome matted image, if I do say so myself!!
I started by coloring up the image with techniques I have learned from my Kit and Clowder classes. I loved coloring up all the layers and waves within that water!! It was an awesome challenge for me!! The way that Sabrina has drawn the canoe under the water makes it really look like its sitting in water not just drawn on a page. You know what I mean?

So I went snooping the internet for some kind of quote to put with this image. I was on pinterest looking for "Waterfall Quotes" when I found this one from Your True Nature. I am loving all these quotes and you can bet I will be using them again!! 
I created the matte with my cricut and the plaque shape on the side with the quote. I finished it up with a few feather embellishments and distressed the edges and TA-DA!


I put her in a beautiful wood frame and I am beyond thrilled with the final outcome!! I love how the nature beauty of this image is enhanced by the "Advice from a Waterfall." I can her the water crashing down when I'm looking and reading. That to me is such an important part of our art... that we feel something; that we relate to it; that it sparks emotional response!!

OK, I must be off to enjoy the rest of my Mother's Day now. And for those of you in North America.... Happy Mothers Day!!! Thanks for popping by today!!

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