Thursday, April 30, 2015

8X8 Scrapbook Pages-- Knights, Princesses and Bubble Guppies

Did you miss me?? I missed me!! I'm sorry I have been gone so long but man have we been busy!!!!
Along with everyday life we threw in a quick trip to see one of my besties up north and then Daddy was home and and and...
But I'm here and I have quite a few projects to show you so grab a glass of your prefered beverage and follow along on my creations of the last few weeks!!

To start....
I finished my Mother in Laws scrapbook pages... and when I say finish I mean that I got done what I can. I will owe her the pictures of my Sister in Laws pregnancy and baby Lewis' arrival but I have to wait for those busy parents of 3 to have time to send them!!

Lets start with the first party- Bubble Guppies- You've heard all about this one already cuz I threw it! LOL But here is another idea for scrapbook layouts...

I think you have heard about my neice and nephews birthday party already as well. He wanted knights and she wanted princesses. I bought these cuts from Miss Kates SVG's. And they worked perfectly for what I wanted!! Because the kids birthdays are a month apart I felt like they desrved thier own 4 pgs plus why shouldn't Gramma have just as many pics of them as the others just because they shared a party? So I tried to put equal pics of each kid on their layouts and then anything of the other kids I mixed between the 2.

OK, so that's that project... Ready for the next? See you back here in 10!

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