Friday, April 17, 2015


As I mentioned when I first started my blog I like to create all kinds of things..
For my besties 30th birthday (you saw her card and canvas a week or so ago) her hubby asked me to make the cake....
I have never worked with fondant. I have never made fondant. I have never made a layered cake. I have never used flavor besides vanilla in my cakes. You want me to keep going on the I have nevers?
So I hit pinterest...

With that information and some help from my little sister and a girlfriend I got to work...

No not premake your fondant.
Black icing makes everything black.
Hubbys are better at rolling things that I am
Corn syrup warms really easy!!!
Its not as easy as it looks!!!

Here's what my man and I whipped up...

 And lastly, Hubby would be so mad if he ever knew I posted this but I had to have proof!!!!! He's an amazing man!!!

I'm not thrilled with how it turned out. Its not Cake Boss perfect. But for my first attempt doing anything of the sort I'm happy with it. And Carrie loved it!!! Which is all that matters to me!

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  1. Lots of firsts, it turned out amazing! teehee he will never know...