Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gift Card Holder Box

So my "wifey" is one of my closests friends and when I was preggo with the oldest she honestly was at the house more than my hub, and we worked together and we played together and and and so she got named "wifey".
Well her birthday was last friday. We had talked earlier in the week and it sounds like I wouldn't see her till this coming saturday or sunday so I didn't panic about getting her gift or card ready...
Till she calls me Tuesday and says I'm just gonna take a shower see you in an hour!
Wait what? No card, no gift, 1 hr and I live 25min from town... ok PANIC!

I had wanted to get her a gift card for new sandals or something for the 6wk trip to Thailand she's taking... Not gonna happen!

So I popped on the computer, downloaded and SVG from SVG Attic into my Design Space and got to cutting!!! And in less than an hour, while caring for children this is what I popped out:

Like that cheque in there? Thats what we call "improvising old school"!!!

It was a fun and easy little project to make. Its from the Motherly Moments set if your interested! There are 2 other projects with the file as well.

I can not tell you anything about materials as it all just got thrown around and cleaned up later!! 

And that's all for tonight, my friends! I will tell you all about the Mothers Day gifts I'm making hopefully in a few days!!


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