Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sewing Projects

There has been some serious sewing and Christmas prep happening around here lately!! And I'm still not done... But I'm getting closer!! Here's a look at whats come off the sewing machine this last week!

These little drawstrings bags came to mind when I picked my girls up some little figurine sets. I'm kinda OCD... when we put the toys away they are all seperated into thier sets... Like the play food-- the ice cream set is in 1 ziplock bag and the pizza set is in another ziplock bag. I know its crazy but I like organization and then when the kids wanna play with the ice cream shop they don't have to hunt for all the peices... So when I bought the little figure sets I knew this would be happening with them too! So I popped back to the fabric store and grabbed 8" of each material I had bought figures for. I used this tutorial to whip these up and it worked great!! Each little bag took about a 1/2hr-- I made 6 LOL I got 2 bags out of each 8" strip of fabric and I used ribbon already in my stash! This pattern makes French Seams which I love cuz there's no surging or zigzag stitching or lining needed!!!

These Sadie Grace Nightgown are so quick and simple to make!! They take 2hrs each from the minute you start cutting to the minute you fold the completed project up including potty breaks and such!!! The instructions don't cut the material as effectively as possible so if you read it all and plan it out before you cut you can get 2 pairs per amount of material listed... I got a 5/6 and 3/4 of the Cinderella material and could have of the little mermaid as well except I had a blonde moment so it was 2 pairs of 3/4. I did take some creative cutting and an additional seam in both sleaves to make the 2 pairs of Arielle but I made it work!! I bought the material listed to make 1 nightgown in the 3/4 of the Little Mermaid and 1 nightgown in the 5/6 of the Cinderella. I also had enough seam binding from 1 package to make both nightgowns. Just a few tips if you wanna give this one a try!! You can grab it HERE and the pattern is currently on sale!!
5/6 for my 4/5 year old

3/4 for my 2.5 year old

3/4 for my 2 year old Neice

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