Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hannah Lynn- Alice Lost and Mad Hatter birthday presents

Anyone remember how much one of my besties loves Alice in Wonderland? Her bday is in a few weeks so I colored her up some more pictures!! She was given frames from another friend for Xmas that she very specifically told me she wanted her next images in... So picky this girl!! But I had a ton of fun working on the next images for her even if I had a little hick up along the way...

So first I started with Alice Lost and spent many hours coloring it. Only to realize when I went to frame it that it was the wrong size!!!! Yup, that's right. The frame is for a 4x6 image and I colored it 5x7. So I trimmed it down... but all the important stuff like rabbits and doors and teacups were lost inside the frame...

So I turned it into a Mothers Day Card for my step mom instead!

And started again... LOL So here is the second Alice Lost all colored up and ready to go:

And in the frame. I know its not a brilliant pic but the images are really hard to focus on in those big ol' frames! LOL But she loves them and they do end up looking really cool!
 So then I moved onto the second image: Mad Hatter. I had already started the 5x7 when I realized my mistake but wasn't far enough along for my world to end! Thank God! So I just reprinted at 4x6 and left the bigger one to be finished another day for another project.

It also looks really cool in the frame! 

I'm very glad to have these crossed off my list and maybe not see another Alice in Wonderland image for awhile. But I know Alex and I have a feeling there's more coming my way!! 

Thanks for popping in today!!

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