Saturday, July 23, 2016

Wedding and Bridal Shower Gifts- Shadow Boxes and Tea Cups

So one of my best friends has a vinyl obsession I think... And I'm the person with the machine to cut the vinyl.... and so whenever she gets a new crazy vinyl idea in her head I get to spend the afternoon with her!! And we have been busy these last few weeks!! Take a peek at the shadow boxes we made for wedding gifts:

This last one is for a friend of my moms... mom saw it and liked it and so we got the vinyl out again...

Now this is something I have never seen before... not your typical bridal shower gift or drinking dish either... but it's what the crazy person wanted.... and I LOVE how they turned out!! Totally gonna have to steal her idea me thinks!!

 That's all from the land of vinyl for today but check back in a few I have a few more projects to get posted today!!

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