Monday, September 5, 2016

Aurora Wings Challenge #35: Fantasy: Mixed Media Canvas using Aurora Wings- Blooms of Ice

Hey ya'll!! I'm thrilled to get to show you my fantasy project today!! It's the 1st in a set of 3 canvas' you will get to see from me in the next few months!! 
One of the things I am liking most about being on a few Design Teams is getting to know the designers a little more! I'm loving getting to find out what inspires them and makes them create the beautiful work that they do!! This first canvas was inspired by the artist, Mitzi, herself... We were chatting about a month ago about the next canvas in this series I'm creating, and I asked her which of the fictional Snow Queens she envisions when she draws these incredible images? Her answer was The Snow Queen written by Hans Christian Andersen. And we are not talking the current Frozen version of this tale but the original written back in the 1800's. I had never read it or even heard of Hans Christian Andersen (before the Frozen craze hit anyway) a fact I'm sure my mother, the English teacher, would be appalled to learn! So like a good little pupil I went and downloaded the book and have now read it. If you haven't you should! In doing some research for this canvas I learned some really cool things! Did you know how many of our classic fairy tales and Disney movies are based on Hans Christian Andersen stories? A LOT! Even my favorite childhood book series was influenced by The Snow Queen! So Thank you Mitzi for sharing this little piece of yourself with me, and for recommending the book; I learned a lot and got to read an old classic while I was at it!
Now would you all like to see what I've been going on about?
I used Aurora Wings- Blooms of Ice to create this canvas. It was such a dream to work with! The digi is drawn to leave you so many options on what coloring medium to use and how to make it your very own! 

Keep Scrolling to see some more pics!

I love this quote from the book! I think its just so perfect and empowering!

I would love to tell you all the materials I used on this project but to be honest I sorted the embellishments out into 3 groups for the 3 canvas' and then threw the packages away and I cannot for the life of me remember what companies they were from!

I honestly cannot wait to see where the fantasy world takes you all this fortnight!! Have some much fun and let you imagination guide you!!

Oooo also!! Give The Snow Queen a read!! Some of the embellishment choices and elements used on this project will make so much more sense to you after you have!!


  1. WOW, Sara! What a gorgeous and powerful creation! I absolutely love that you picked Mitzi's brain as to the inspiration for this gorgeous image and how you ran with it and made it come to life. The bold colors are amazing and I'd love a bit more info on what you used for that amazing background. I'm really a novice at mixed media and am in awe of the effect you've achieved. Fabulous quote and and embellishments, too. Love, love, LOVE! Now I'll be combing my bookshelves for the copy of Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales to refresh my memory. xxD

  2. This really turned out beautifully, Sara! It's just an amazing piece!! xx

  3. I'm so happy to know that you've picked up the Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen and read it to incorporate the bits from the story into this fab mixed media project! Aside from the stunning coloring you've done on the Queen herself, I am taking notice of the window and the roses!! (And then her headdress starts to look like being made of shards of glass from a mirror, too. Awesome!) Thank you so much for the stunning inspiration for our latest challenge at Aurora Wings today! Mitzi xxx

  4. this is awesome, love it, stunning colouring of this fab image, hugs, Marion

  5. Stunning, the colouring is just beautiful, I have not read that book since I was a little girl, but it was always one of my favourites. You have really created something very beautiful x

  6. Wooow stunning creation!! love your superb colouring on the image and colour choices.. as well as the awesome background... Loveeeeeee this!! <3 xx ~RoRa

  7. OMW your colouring is outstanding... so rich and vivid. I just loooveee it. And the whole layout is also great but my eyes are just drawn to your colouring... xx