Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bubble Guppies Party!!

For my youngest daughters 2nd birthday we planned a "Bubble Guppies" party. Its one of the few shows she knows and watches. She has very few words but can sing the theme song!! Here's a look at what we did!!

Sign for the front door-- image from a Google search and modified by me

The front of her invitation-- image from a Google search and colored with copics by yours truly

Inside of her invitation-- images from Google search and added to my document

The banner pre-being a banner-- cut on cricut and hand glued all the sequins with the help of Auntie Alex

The center piece-- images from Google search and added to my vision

The craft-- except their little baggies do not have a pre-made project... its all the little pieces for them to create their own. Image from Google search and tediously cut out.

Her birthday card-- image from Google search and added to my creation

 Her birthday present, well part of it... This is going to hang on her bedroom door. Last year I made her big sis' a Disney/Pixar Cars one and its been a big hit so I thought the "baby" needed one too. The characters are from a google search, I designed the playground (its not perfect but I tried!!) and all the sea life was cut with the Cricut.

This is the "Pin the..." Game I found in a store in Edmonton. I did end up cutting some more balls because we had more than 8 kids.

I cut bubbles on my cricut to put around the house for decoration, We bought Bubble Guppies bubbles on clearance in December (muahaha) for this event as the party favors. And the pinata we bought at our local Bulk Barn.

I made "Ocean Cookies".. I took circles and iced them to look like bubbles and turns out the only ocean critter cutters I have are dolphins and whales so thats what we made! I printed the placecards off a site I found on Pinterest.

I put cheddar ocean critters, vanilla cupcake goldfish and honey buns goldfish in little fish bowls.

And I made Jello aquariums... note to self: it was not as easy as Pinterest made it look... and they did NOT turn out the same but I tried lol.

That was our Bubble Guppies Party. Stay tuned for the scrapbooking to go along with it!!

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