Monday, March 2, 2015

Bubble Guppies Puppets

You have all read me mention I'm a mom to two beautiful girls that make me so insane I wanna pull my hair out right? We had a rough start to our morning yesterday... Hours (and yes I mean hours) of fighting to get some toys and spilled popcorn picked up...
But when we were done cleaning and yelling at each other we did something pretty fun!!
I had some Bubble Guppies characters that mommy accidentally printed on computer paper instead of cardstock so I couldn't use them on the project I had planned them for... But I didn't toss them...
We cut blue circles on the cricut, glued our characters on, pulled out those old creative memories stickers and named everyone, glued them to popsicle sticks and put some glitter on as bubble highlights and VOILA!!


So then Mommy had to find a way to create her a puppet theater and our quilt rack worked perfect!! So the rest of the day Mommy, Auntie, her little sister and Daddy on Facetime got to watch Bubble Guppy Puppet shows!!

Just had to share our fun quick little craft!

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  1. These puppets are awesome! Love it when a small error like using wrong paper turns out to be something that brings her such joy for hours!