Monday, March 30, 2015

Pooh Bear Nursery

My sister in law is pregnant and all she wants for the babies nursery is Pooh Bear and Friends wall decals. My mother in law, bless her soul, brought me home a bunch of Disney cricut cartridges (Hell yes!!!) So the first thing I did was get to work on Baby Pypers nursery... Wanna see? Ya you do!!!
These 3 frames were designed in Design Space and cut on cricut printable vinyl. I LOVE the way they turned out!! Forgive the screen shot but I'm not sure I will get a picture of them on the wall... They measure about 6"x6" 
This 12"x12" was also designed in Design Space. I cut Pooh on the printable vinyl and the words on just red cricut vinyl.

This is the card to go with the gift. Again, designed in Design Space. I used alot of print and cut on this card just to keep the layers from making it 2" thick. Lol I also used the writing feature on my new Explore Air. It was so much fun to design. I thought it might be alittle busy so I designed another one as well and let hubby pick... this was his choice! He has such good taste ;)

This is a lamp hubby and I built for the baby. I used a glass block from Micheals with the predrilled hole. The vinyl was tricky to get on because when I spliced it in DS the lines became so thin!! The lights were terrible!! I thought it would be easy to find what I wanted.... I was sooo wrong!!! We ended up trashing 1 night light, 1 11ft string of christmas lights, 1 set of battery operated lights from Michaels. My hubby is an electrician and thought he could fab something up for me... he was wrong lol. So the night before we needed to give the gift I ended up buying a string of battery operated led lights from bed bath and beyond that worked as well as we could hope at that point lol. So after work at 11pm I finished it off just in time for delivery 12hrs later!! I am very happy with the way it turned out and glad to have learned what we did! LOL

Thanks for popping by our hundred acre wood today!!!

Update: You do not need to use transfer tape with printable vinyl... in fact I would highly recommend against it!!! The vinyl will want to stick to the transfer tape a crazy amount and not to the wall!!!!
Also wanna see the new nursery all done??

So the decals above the window are shown above in this post, the vinyl over the change table is also shown above, the glowing light in the corner is the glass block I made. And bless my sweet sister in law, the red/gold blanket was also made by me for my first nephew. She thought it would be the perfect colors for this room and its still getting some love covering an apparently very ugly table. LOL

She adored this gift and told me it was the most thoughtful thing anyone had ever made her! I made have shed a tear or two.

And that's the update on this post!  :D

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