Saturday, March 14, 2015

My First Picture My Life pages...

For the month of February I used the CTMH Heartstrings PML cards to do our scrapbooking. I also used the previously mentioned Prima Stencil for a special page for my oldests first guitar lessons.
I put in the card that came with my Valentines Day flowers and the girls and I dried some of them to put in my book as well. 2 things I never would have done with my traditional scrapbooks...
Take a look ya'll!!
See the dried flowers on the right there? Love it!!
This is also my first hybrid page.. I need alittle practice!!

Don't you love that stencil?? I think it was so cool and although I'm not thrilled with the little CTMH puffies embellishments it did need something in those big white spaces...

I'll keep learning but for now I think I did ok?!

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