Monday, December 5, 2016

Aurora Wings Challenge #41 "Winter Wonderland"- Altered Canvas using "Icy Snow Queen"

Oh you guys I cannot tell  you how good it feels to have this project done!! If you follow me at all or check in when my Aurora Wings inspiration posts go up you will know I have been working on this set of canvas' since..... well you saw the first 2 in September which means I have been working on them since August... is that even seriously possible!!!??? My oh my where is the time going!! LOL
But its done now and I do hope you love it!!
Haha just teasing you don't get to see it yet!! LOL So the first canvas was based on Hans Christian Andersen's"The Snow Queen", the second canvas was based on C.S. Lewis': Chronicles of Narnia and now this one is based on Disney's Frozen. So little back story I learned while working on these.... The Chronicles of Narnia and Frozen have both pulled thier inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen! Just a cool little fact for you that 3 totally different stories were all sparked by the same mind! Makes me think of how Mitzi gives us all one little thing to go on for the month and ta-da we end up with 50+ totally different ideas and interpretations!! Pretty neat if you ask me!!

So...... anyway.... This is image is Icy Snow Queen and I love her!! I love all those different icicles to color! Her flowing hair is gorgeous and her beautiful facial features make her a dream to work with!!!
I had so much fun doing the water color technique on the background of all these canvas'. Its just a fun technique that I can't wait to try on a smaller scale like a card! LOL

The ice castle there was cut from the Disney Frozen cricut cartridge.... I had to force myself not to put an Olaf or something on here! LOL if I had my kids would have stolen it for sure!! As you can see I already had some help "prettying up Elsa!!" LOL not your usual gem placement ideas but my 5 year old was so excited to do it lol

Are you ready for the grand finale? The final look of all the art upon the wall!!?? It's so nice not have a blank canvas hanging there anymore!! LOL

The quotes from left to right:
"I'll rise like the break of dawn"- Elsa, Frozen
"You doubt your value- Don't run from who you are" - C.S. Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia
"I can give her no greater power than she already processes," said the woman, "Don't you see how strong that is?"- Hans Christian Andersen, Snow Queen

I love having such powerful, uplifting, strengthening quotes hanging here in the one room in the world where I can be me and free and let whatever I want out. These quotes help me walk out of my sanctuary ready to face whats outside that door with all that I have. Do you all have little things like this around your world too? Little things to build you up? I hope so!!!

Thanks for popping by again today!! I do hope you have enjoyed seeing this wall of my craft room come together as much as I have enjoyed doing it!! LOL Where's the snow going to take you the next 2 weeks??


  1. OOOH, another glorious canvas Sara, and what a thrill to see them all together. I really love that you share your personal stories and motivation in your blog post and the interesting facts you include about the stories and images you choose. It's not just the amazement and joy of seeing your stunning work, but also the opportunity to get to know you better. xxx So cute that your 5 year old had a hand in this amazing project, too. Have a wonderful holiday season. xxD

  2. wooow awesome canvas.. love all of them... <3 xx ~RoRa

  3. Wonderful creations. Love all of them and the story... Your coloring is amazing. Have a great holiday xoxo

  4. Wow, Fabulous, so awesome to see them all together and I love your inspiration, some of my favourite stories x

  5. fab canvas, better than a black background lol. Love how the colours you used for this challenge canvas, lovely embelishements used as well, hugs, Marion

  6. Another glorious mixed media canvas, and what an awesome wall display with all three, Sara!! I love that the quotes and images all create such an inspiring, soul-nourishing art wall. Truly awesome!! Thank you for this magnificent inspiration for our latest challenge at Aurora Wings! Mitzi xxx