Monday, August 3, 2015

Aurora Wings- New Beginnings, Miyabi, Heartstrings, and Along Came a Spider

As soon as I was introduced to Aurora Wings digis I fell immediately in love with these images!! There is something about oriental mythology and symbolism that really inspires me. I already have 1 peice in my scrapbooking room but she's a printed wrapped canvas that was bought for me many years ago. But I love her and was not willing to part with her when we moved out to the acreage and so here she lives where I can see her all the time and now she has friends!!
I colored all these ladies to coordinate with my existing art. I tried to keep the colors as realistic as possible as well and also to match any of the symbolism the artist meant there to be when she drew them. I hope I have done them all justice!!
Now they sit framed and waiting for hubby to come home and hang them!!! LOL
Aurora Wings- Heartstring

Aurora Wings- Along Came a Spider (No skull version)

Aurora Wings- New Beginnings

And this last one you have already seen but I thought she should be added to the collection! 

Aurora Wings- Miyabi (Full version)

All ready for hubby!

I promise to post an updated picture when they are all on the wall together with my other piece!!

See you again soon!!

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  1. Beautiful! So much work put into these gorgeous pieces of art! Hope they get hung up soon!